Holly - CEO & Founder

I'm Holly, Mum to Joe and Alex, an Assistant Principal of a London Academy and a Science teacher. I founded Return to Teach in response to three issues:

1) Funding. I was shocked by the amount of money schools were spending on recruitment agencies.

2) The teacher retention crisis. The feeling of frustration when we can't recruit the experienced, subject specialist teachers our students deserve.

3) The lack of flexible working for teachers. Sadly I’ve watched many inspirational colleagues devastated to leave the profession after having children, unable to make childcare work. I have had great success working flexibly and I wanted this to be the case for more teachers and schools.

Adel - Operations Director

I'm Adel and a 2015 TeachFirst Ambassador based in West London.

As a Business and Economics teacher I have always aimed to bring as much of the business world into the classroom. I found success in doing this through trips, visits and bringing in guest speakers and have been fortunate enough to do this through all the of the contacts I have made in my different ventures. Towards the middle of my third year I found myself asking "what's next?" in terms of my career as I was in middle leadership as a head of department but didn't really see senior leadership as my next step.

I have always thought it is important to develop a wide skill-set that I can use in whatever career I am currently working in and teaching has by far given me the largest learning curve to date but it was now time to move on. 

I wanted to move back into industry and considered consulting as the project based work meant you learnt a set of skills and were able to use them in varying scenarios. After speaking to my Principal and Holly we decided that I could continue to teach on a flexible basis.

I am now Operations Director of Return to Teach two days a week while still teaching at school for three. 

I may have left teaching if working flexibly wasn't an option. Through Return to Teach I aim to improve outcomes for students up and down the country and to do so we must retain the best talent in the classroom, one flexible position at a time!

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RETURN TO TEACH LIMITED a company registered in England and Wales under registered number 11229187 with its registered office at 64 New Cavendish Street, London, United Kingdom, W1G 8TB